Eddie Cole  - Singer

"Bring Me Sunshine"

Eddie Cole is a professional entertainer specialising in care and retirement home venues where the residents can really relate to and interact with the songs and humour from some of the best years for music and entertainment. With a huge database of songs, Eddie will have something for everyone. The show is generously sprinkled with humour and anecdotes to amuse the audience along with fabulous reminiscence.
A quiz may also feature as Eddie opens his quiz box.

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Seaview Care Home Southsea

"Just wanna say a massive thank you to our very own "Eddie Cole" who always goes above and beyond to put smiles on the faces of my residents, who makes people smile, and have fun. You deserve so much recognition for what you do.. not only for Seaview but for all the homes you grace your presence with! Well done and thank you"
Singer Eddie Cole is the stage name of Brian Cole from Valleyvoice Productions / No voices were broken in the making of this site.
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